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Warzone Glitch Gives Player An Invisible Floating Car

An annoying new Call of Duty: Warzone glitch has recently been discovered by a player who accidentally cosplayed Wonder Woman by driving around the Verdansk map in an invisible car after roughly half the textures went missing. At the very least, it’s the second texture-based issue in the game this season after the notorious map glitch.

The game-breaking map glitch appeared in Verdansk ’84 after Season 3’s launch took Warzone back in time. Basically, the bug allowed players to get below the ground textures, hiding there and shooting everyone above them. It’s been quite a mess for roughly a week, but after announcing that an imminent fix was on the way, developers kept the promise and got rid of the annoying glitch. On top of that, Raven Software introduced a bunch of other changes, most notably including disabled open voice chat and fixed gas mask infinite overlay.

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A new glitch with an invisible vehicle has been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone, as demonstrated by apapipay on Reddit. In a short video, the player has showcased the bug in action. Due to severely missing textures all over Verdansk ‘84, an ordinary tactical rover has turned into a magically disappearing vehicle. While the car’s functionality wasn’t affected as it proceeded to drive all around the place, only the player’s model remained visible. The whole experience is strongly reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, which is weirdly fitting considering that the DC hero’s latest cinematic performance was set in a fictional version of 1984. According to the player, there’s just one known way to fix the glitch, and that is to restart the game. Since this is a random bug, it’s not quite clear what exactly is responsible for triggering it.

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It’s not just the glitches that negatively affect Warzone’s gameplay, but also balance issues that have yet to be addressed. For instance, solo rounds in the game have become so boring, because of the overly popular Big Bertha meta, that players have resorted to forming ridiculous vehicle caravans instead of fighting each other. The meta is based on getting oneself into the armored truck early in the game for later gameplay abuse. Since the strategy has been adopted by the majority of gamers, Warzone solo rounds have turned into silly rides with very little military action.

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Not only has Season 3 introduced a lot of changes and new pieces of content to Warzone, it’s also a bunch of never-before-seen glitches. The game has suffered from a lot of issues, and it’s quite depressing that the situation hasn’t gotten any better with the latest seasonal update. Perhaps the most disturbing part is that players keep tolerating poorly tested content in a AAA live service game. The community really should be demanding higher quality instead of enduring the digital bullying expressed in Warzone’s poor technical state.

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Source: apapipay/Reddit