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Venom 2 Movie Poster Teases Carnage Vs. Eddie Brock’s Symbiote

A new poster for Venom: Let There Be Carnage teases the fight between Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady. Tom Hardy is reprising his role as the reporter turned alien symbiote host alongside Woody Harrelson as Kasady, Venom’s mortal nemesis. Harrelson was introduced as Cletus Kasady in Venom‘s post-credits scene, teasing the impending battle. Thanks to the runaway success of the first film, a sequel seemed all but guaranteed and, despite negative reviews, Venom grossed $856 million at the box office, opening the door to a follow-up film.

Let There Be Carnage has faced a long road to screens, though, with an initial release set for October 2020. Due to the state of the moviegoing industry, the film was pushed into 2021 and has faced several more delays. Now, Sony is set to premiere the film in theaters this September and the studio has debuted the first trailer for Let There Be Carnage alongside a brand new poster that teases the symbiote rivalry at the center of the film.

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The terrifying poster from Sony shows Venom from the inside of Carnage’s wide open mouth, his teeth dripping with saliva. Carnage’s signature red tendrils can be seen wrapped around the black symbiote’s body as he lunges towards his enemy. Hardy and Harrelson get double-billing at the top of the poster. Check out the full picture below:

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As Venom’s greatest enemy, Carnage is the perfect villain for the sequel. Carnage’s shape-shifting abilities differentiate him from Venom in some ways, but the villain will also serve to highlight the loneliness Eddie Brock has faced since becoming a host to the alien symbiote. But while Eddie is still trying to maintain a semblance of humanity, Carnage is entirely different beast. Not only is Cletus Kasady a remorseless killer, he is even more dangerous with the all-powerful symbiote spawn of Venom himself inside of him.

The trailer and this poster for Let There Be Carnage give away little in terms of the film’s plot or even Brock and Kasady’s relationship. Sony is likely saving that for either another trailer or the film itself and rightfully so. Seeing the two symbiotes go head-to-head is one of the most exciting things to come in Sony’s SpiderVerse. How that will play into the rest of the franchise, including the upcoming Morbius starring Jared Leto, remains to be seen, but Venom: Let There Be Carnage will likely prove worth the wait when it finally hits theaters later this year.

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