July 13, 2024
University of Manitoba International Scholarships

The University of Manitoba is pleased to provide International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships to promote the recruitment and retention of top-performing degree-seeking students. The university announces numerous scholarships to talented and in-need students each year.

The scholarship program is designed to acknowledge and reward the academic excellence of incoming International undergraduates. Students interested in applying to pursue an undergraduate degree may apply for the program.

The University of Manitoba is the consistently ranked biggest among Canadian public research universities. It was established in 1877 and was founded to be among the best universities with a commitment to revolutionary studies and scholarship. It offers a range of degree programs and has 27 academic departments on the Bannatyne campus.

Why should you consider studying at the University of Manitoba? The University of Manitoba provides the chance to receive a world-class education in top-of-the-line facilities at reasonable tuition charges. The university offers numerous avenues for professional advancement and career growth. The university is committed to embracing the challenges and taking action.

University of Manitoba International Scholarships

The University offers international students with International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships and International Undergraduate Student Scholarships as well as International Student Bursaries.

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International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarship was instituted to recognize the academic excellence of international students graduating from international high schools and entering studies at the University of Manitoba.

Scholarships will be awarded to students who:

  • International students (i.e., who are in Canada on valid studies permits who have applied for admission into any School or Faculty within the University of Manitoba by the deadline of March 1st.
  • Are paying the international student tuition fee rates;
  • Have achieved a minimum high school average of 85% based on the highest five academic courses at the senior level that they have approved for our General Entrance Scholarship list.

The amount of every award, established every year in tiers determined by high school grade averages. For instance, for the period 2020-2021, the awards’ values were according to the following:

  • Averages greater than or equal to 85% – $1,000
  • Averages greater than or equal to 90% – $2,000
  • Averages greater than or equal to 95% – $3,000
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International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship was designed to honor the highest academic achievement of international students attending The University of Manitoba.

Scholarships are available to international students who:

  • Are in Canada on valid study permits;
  • Who have completed at least 24 credit hours at any of the faculties or schools of The University of Manitoba;
  • Achieve outstanding academic results for courses taken during the final session of regular academics (minimum sessions GPA in the range of 3.5);
  • Are continuing for the next cycle of full-time undergraduate studies within their academic program for the fall/winter academic session.

The applicants who meet the above criteria will be evaluated based on the sessional grade point average. The scholarships will be awarded until the available funds are used, or the grade point threshold is attained. All eligible recipients will be informed by the end of July.

International Student Bursaries

To be eligible for bursaries at the University of Manitoba, you must apply for the University of Manitoba General Bursary through Aurora and other individual applications needed for specific awards.

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General applications for bursaries for the Fall and Winter terms will be accessible on the Aurora Student Portal in early August. The application and additional documentation must be sent to the Financial Aid and Awards office by October 1st. International students in Canada’s first semester of post-secondary studies do not qualify for the general bursary program.

How to Apply for University of Manitoba International Scholarships

  • How to Apply: To apply, applicants must be accepted to an undergraduate program offered by the University of Manitoba.
  • Supporting Documents: Submit the following:
    1. A personal statement about your goals for the program
    2. A portfolio of your previous work
    3. An audition or interview
  • Admission Requirements: Aspirants must check the entry requirements of the University of Manitoba.
  • Language Requirements: Suppose English isn’t your primary language, or you have completed your education in another language. In that case, you should demonstrate your ability to handle the requirements of instruction in a classroom, writing assignments, and participating in discussions and tutorials.