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The Last Mercenary Cast & Character Guide | Screen Rant

Netflix’s new action-comedy movie The Last Mercenary stars legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as a strong supporting cast of less-heralded European actors. The French-language movie is about a legendary secret agent who reunites with his now-adult son in the midst of a conspiracy involving arms dealing and a secret mission from decades ago. As Netflix aims to become a global brand by growing its non-English content, some of these actors could become very familiar to streaming viewers in the years to come.

The Last Mercenary has received mixed reviews from critics, with a 58% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 50 on Metacritic. Van Damme’s self-aware performance has been praised by reviewers, while the movie’s plot and humor have received criticism. The movie was produced by Netflix and released by the streamer on July 30.

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The movie is written and directed by David Charhon, who has previously written for other French comedies like Le secret de Salomon and On the Other Side of the Tracks. While the Muscles from Brussels is the main attraction in The Last Mercenary, the movie is really more of an ensemble story. All of the below cast members get a lot to do, from action scenes to gags.

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Richard Brumére, nicknamed “The Mist,” is a legendary secret agent who was involved in the mysterious Operation Cup and Ball when he was a much younger man. The character plays on the actor’s status as an icon of action and martial arts films, including a reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s famous Kickboxer dance scene. The Last Mercenary shows a more comedic and self-aware side to the now 60-year-old Van Damme, but he can still do the splits.

Archibald or, as he prefers to go by, Archie, is Brumére’s son with Tatane. As a price for not speaking about the secret operation, his mother demanded that Archie receive a monthly stipend and legal immunity from the French government, a privilege that he enjoys until he is framed for arms and drug trafficking. Decazza is a mostly unknown French actor, with The Last Mercenary being a potential breakout role. He also portrayed a young Lionel Richie in the French television series Valide.

Alexandre is one of the more comedic roles of the film, as a bumbling bureaucrat who gets in over his head when he suspends Archie’s immunity. He tries to track down Brumére but ultimately ends up joining his side, making for a very different Van Damme costar than someone like Scott Adkins. Alexandre is played by Alban Ivanov, a French comedian who has appeared in movies like A Very Bad Friend and C’est la vie.

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Dalila is a friend of Archibald who is involved in drug trafficking and ends up joining Brumére’s team. She proves herself more than capable of handling herself in a fight. Sylla previously starred in the Celine Sciamma film Girlhood and has appeared in various French projects since then.

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Paul Leseur is one of the movie’s chief villains. He is a higher-up in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, despite officially being Alexandre’s subordinate, is the one in charge of the conspiracy to sell the “Big Mac” weapon. Lesueur is a veteran comedic actor whose screen credits include playing the Genie in a French remake of Aladdin.

Margeurite is a veteran of the French secret service who was involved in Operation Cup and Ball in the 1990s. She initially appears as a benevolent figure but may have a darker agenda.  Miou-Miou is one of France’s most renowned actresses, being a ten-time César Award nominee and having worked for directors like Michel Gondry and Louis Malle.

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Djimo as Momo  Momo is a friend of Archibald and Dalila who ends up being the final member of Brumére’s team. Djimo is a comedian who has only recently began appearing in movies such as Rendez-vous chez les Malawas and the upcoming Les Mechants.

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Michel Cremades as Fernand – Archibald’s adopted father figure and the superintendent at his apartment build, Fernand is later revealed to be a retired secret agent. A French-Algerian actor, Cremandes has previously appeared in Micmacs and Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, the latter based on a classic French comic in the style of Tintin.

Patrick Timsit as Commandant Jouard – Jouard is a senior government official who attracts the envy of Alexandre. Patrick Timsit is a veteran comedic actor and writer who has been nominated for four César awards.

Valerie Kaprisky as Ministre Sivardiere – Sivardiere is a government minister who is called in to deal with Archibald’s immunity being removed. Kaprisky is another actress with decades of experience, best known for her appearances in French films like Mouvements de Desir and Special Correspondents. 

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