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Suicide Squad Confirms That Even His Teammates Hate Peacemaker

Warning: includes a preview of Suicide Squad #3!

While the Suicide Squad tends to be made up of some pretty despicable characters, the villains who serve together on Task Force X usually manage to find some grudging respect for each other, if not outright friendship – but not so for Peacemaker, whose new stint as team leader is earning him zero love from his teammates.

Amanda Waller’s new team of disposal superhuman muscle, all kept in line with deadly implants she can trigger at a moment’s notice, is her most ambitious yet. Fans of DC’s Future State event know that Waller’s endgame is to ditch her home reality for Earth-3 – a reality she intends to cut off from all outside access, with Conner Kent as its unwilling Superman. Taking a new approach to her mission, Waller is joined by Peacemaker; the team’s rare willing recruit, and someone who believes in peace by any means.

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Now, Comic Watch have shared a preview of Suicide Squad #3 – from Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreria, Mercelo Maiolo, and Wes Abbott – which reveals that while they may be forced to dance to his tune, Peacemaker’s teammates hate his guts, even as he may protest otherwise. The recent red-band trailer for the upcoming The Suicide Squad movie turned Peacemaker into an overnight fan favorite, with his clueless macho posturing played to a tee by John Cena. The Peacemaker of the comics is a little more brutal, but he’s also the team’s official leader, and he’s not afraid to pull rank, whether it’s intimidating Nocturna for slamming him to his boss, or making the most of Superboy’s Kryptonite fail-safe device by laying him out with one punch.

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After covering Superboy’s origins and reiterating why he doesn’t belong on the team, Waller checks if he’s holding any particular grudges for the villains he’s being forced to work with, asking, “Does he have an issue with Peacemaker, or anyone else on the team?” Nocturna clears him for duty, but observes, “Everyone hates Peacemaker.” Fans immediately see why, as Peacemaker accosts Nocturna, insisting, “And for the record, everyone likes me.”

It seems like a self-effacing joke, but with Peacemaker, it’s hard to be sure, since his skewed perspective makes him surprisingly hard to read. Of course, it’s hard to like a character who’s willing to lead a raid on a school like the Teen Titans Academy to kidnap student Bolt, whose powers and shady history make her next on the list for Waller’s attempt to build the strongest team possible. Ruthless and totally dedicated to his mission of peace at any cost, Peacemaker is one of the most interesting aspects of the Suicide Squad series, particularly given the fact that should he get wind of Amanda Waller’s true goals, he’s likely to be a huge new thorn in her side. But that crossroads has yet to be reached, which means that however much they may hate him, the new Suicide Squad will be forced to answer to Peacemaker when issue three hits physical and digital retailers on May 4, 2021.

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Source: Comic Watch