April 10, 2024
Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

Simmons University Kotzen Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship available to students from across the world. This scholarship is intended for undergraduate studies. The scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition as well as mandatory fees, in addition to the cost of room and board.

The Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholars program is an award of merit that honors the best and brightest students interested in the possibilities of a transformative education at Simmons University.

It is the top award offered at Simmons. It honors the ultimate standard of excellence among students who focus on studying abroad, conducting research, and having an interest in the sciences.

The Kotzen Scholarship covers all costs of tuition, room and board, and an additional $3000 to support academic pursuits like the study abroad program, research assistance, and many more. The Kotzen Scholarship is offered to students for four consecutive years of full-time undergraduate education and replaces previous merit-based scholarships.

Offered Courses

  • African Studies (BA)
  • Arts Administration (BA)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Biostatics (BS)
  • Accounting (BSBA)
  • Biology (BS)/Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
  • Art (BA)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Business (Minor)
  • Business Management (BSBA)
  • Chemistry (BS)
  • East Asian Studies (BA)
  • Economics (BA)
  • Economics (BA)/Public Policy (MPP)
  • Economics and Mathematics (BS)
  • Computer Science (BS)/ Library and Information Science (MS)
  • Cinema and Media Studies (Minor)
  • Chemistry Management (BS)
  • Communications (BA)
  • Computer Science (BS)
  • Data Science and Analytics(BS)
  • Elementary Education (BA/BS and MAT/MS)
  • English (BA)
  • Entrepreneurship (Minor)
  • Environmental Science (BS)
  • Exercise Science (BS)/Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
  • Exercise Science (BS)
  • Journalism (Concentration)
  • Mathematics (BS)
  • Marketing (BSBA)
  • Media Arts (Concentration)
  • Music(BA)
  • Neuroscience and Behavious (BS)
  • Nursing (BS)/ Nursing (MS)
  • Nursing (BS)
  • Nursing (BSN):For RN Holders
  • Exercise Science (BS)/Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Finance (BSBA)
  • French (BA)
  • Financial Mathematics (BS)
  • Graphic Design (Concentration)
  • Gender History (Minor)
  • Health Informatics (BS)
  • Health Care Management (Minor)
  • History (BA)
  • Information Technology (BS)/Library and Information Science (MS)
  • Information Technology (BS)
  • International Relations (BA)
  • Nutrition (BS)/ Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
  • Nutrition and Food (BS)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics (BS)
  • Organizational Studies (Minor)
  • Performing Arts (Minor)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Public Health (BS)/Nutrition And Health Promotion (MS): 4 + 1 Program
  • Public Health (BS or BA)
  • Public History (Minor)
  • Public Policy Studies (Minor)
  • Public Relations and Marketing Communications (BA)
  • Radio Minor
  • Photography (Minor)
  • Philosophy(BA)
  • Physics (BS)
  • Physics of Materials (Minor)
  • Political Science (BA)/Public Policy (MPP): 3 + 1 Program
  • Political Science (BA)
  • Principled Leadership (Minor)
  • Retail Management (BSBA)
  • Social Work (BSW)
  • Scientific Computation (Minor)
  • Special Education (BA/BS and MSEd): 4 + 1 Program
  • Statistics (Minor)
  • Sustainability (Minor)
  • Women’s and Gender Studies (BA)
  • Web Design & Development (BS)
  • Social Work (BSW)/Social Work (MSW): 3 + 1 Program
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Sociology (BA)/Public Policy (MPP): 3 + 1 Program
  • Spanish (BA)
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Eligibility Criteria for the Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

You will be considered in order of priority for the scholarship.

1. New applicants to the Oxford 1+1 MBA program.

  • You must be accepted to a 1+1 MBA partnership program and be admitted to the MBA before you can be considered for the interview (waitlisted or candidates who have been re-evaluated are not eligible for consideration).

2. If you’re applying to any full-time, one-year Master’s program that isn’t yet included on an official listing of 1+1 MBA Partnering programs and to the MBA (as a separate application).

3. If you are:

  • You are entering your MBA year and haven’t been considered for the scholarship in the previous year (e.g., waitlisted/ re-evaluated applicants).
  • Accepted to the MBA during the study on any of the 1+1 MBA partner programs.

How to Apply for Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

You must complete a submission application for each course and submit the scholarship essay to the section ‘Funding’ on the 1+1 MBA application before the deadline for consideration.

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The following questions can be answered in not more than 500-words:

How do you intend to change the world and what does this tell us about you as a person?


Each partner program has its own submission form, dates, and requirements.

You must submit your application by January 4, 2023, for the 1+1 MBA and by your master’s program deadline, either in January or December.

The funding deadlines to apply for the 1+1 MBA programs that partners are available on the appropriate course page on the graduate Admissions website.