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New Pokémon Snap: 10 Pokémon With The Most Unique Behavior

The appeal of a game like New Pokémon Snap is that players getting to see their favorite Pokémon at play in the wild. With 214 Pokémon to observe and interact with, there are boundless opportunities to see each Pokémon do something cute, interesting, or just downright bizarre – all of which make for great photography!

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However, some Pokémon are a bit more eccentric than others, and if the player times it right, they might be able to catch them doing something truly unique. These shots can be difficult to execute, let alone find, but that only makes them all the more worth it.

10 Grookey

The massively cute grass-type Grookey is one of the first Pokémon the player will meet at Florio Natural Park. As the player levels up, Grookey will go from incredibly shy to incredibly excited to see the player, waving at them and even feeling comfortable enough to nap around them.

But if the player times things right, they’ll be able to see Grookey stumble sleepily out of the bushes and, seemingly out of nowhere, do an absolutely adorable handstand! Catching this behavior is all about timing, so the player must keep their eyes trained on the little monkey at all times.

9 Charmander

Once the player reaches Fireflow Volcano, they’ll get to see all the fire-type ‘mons they’d been missing out on in earlier zones. One such Pokémon is eternal fan favorite Charmander, who hangs out in pairs in the belly of the volcano. Upon entry, the player will see these Charmanders happily chatting to one another.

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But if the player decides to get a little mischievous, they can bonk a Charmander on the head with a Fluffruit, distracting it and making it walk away from its friend. What results is the friend looking absolutely heartbroken, sadly looking on as their companion leaves. Oh, the guilt…

8 Leafeon

As a naturally shy Pokémon, Leafeon will often run away from the player, making it difficult to snap a good shot of it. But if the player is patient and doesn’t push it too hard, they’ll be rewarded with the most adorable shot possible.

Leafeon will eventually run into a trio of Morelull, whose sleepy spores will lull both Leafeon and a nearby Whooper into a deep sleep. In other words, players get to see the absolute cutest slumber party ever to grace Founja Jungle.

7 Pelipper & Pyukumuku

After leveling up in the Maricopia Reefs, the player might come across a “blue hole,” where a flock of Pelipper will be resting and seemingly just floating on the surface. But upon closer investigation, the players will find, in each Pelipper’s mouth, a Pyukumuku – just hanging out.

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The relationship between the two seems entirely symbiotic, albeit without a clear reason why. When hit with an Illumina Orb, Pelipper will smile, and Pyukumuku will extend its hidden hand in joy. Just don’t hit them with a Fluffruit, or else the Pelipper will spit its poor friend out.

6 Espurr

When they first enter the Elsewhere Forest, players might be confused as to what’s making the high-pitched mewling all around them. But if they look closely through the fog, they’ll see Espurrs sitting on tree branches, watching everything going on from above.

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The real intrigue occurs when players bonk the psychic kitties with a Fluffruit, in which they’ll start glowing blue, levitate off the trees, and proceed to zoom around the forest. If they weren’t so cute, it would be a terrifying display.

5 Tyranitar

Once obtaining the Illumina Orbs native to the Sweltering Sands, players might try to throw them in the many tornados surrounding the desert. If they do, they’ll be in for a surprise, because as it turns out, one of those tornados is being caused by a raging Tyranitar!

And in true Tyranitar fashion, as soon as it ceases to kick up its tornado, it will immediately get in a fight with a Lycanroc walking around nearby. When it inevitably wins, it’ll release a horrible roar, clearly pumping itself up for the next big fight.

4 Scorbunny

This fiery little bunny has a reputation for being constantly active, and it definitely shows in New Pokémon Snap. Wherever Scorbunny finds itself, be it Florio Natural Park or the Sweltering Sands, it’s always doing something, from kicking up fire to playing with its friends.

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But even the most rambunctious of bunnies need to rest every once in a while. Once night falls in Florio, players can find Scorbunny taking a nice, relaxing snooze on the back of a Torterra. It’ll be so comfy, even a Fluffruit to the head won’t be able to wake it up.

3 Applin

In the Elsewhere Forest, players might come across piles of apples scattered here and there, with one odd-colored apple in the middle of them. Should players investigate further, they’ll discover these are no mere apple piles – they’re actually the hoard of a young Applin!

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It can only be assumed that Applin is hoarding all these apples so it can pick a new one to live in as needed, much like hermit crabs pick new shells. But it is pretty funny to see them worming around their apples, as proud as can be.

2 Tentacruel

Most Pokémon will, at the very least, acknowledge when the player scans their surroundings. Some will even approach the player. But only a select few will perform a special action when a scan is performed, and Tentacruel’s reaction is by far the most interesting.

Normally considered quite a fearsome Pokémon, the Tentacruels gathered at the end of the Lental Seafloor will get rather excited when a scan is done. Their red spots will glow, and they’ll start to twirl, dancing for the player in what can only be a display of jubilance.

1 Magikarp

Wherever there’s water to be found, there will inevitably be a Magikarp hiding somewhere. No matter where the map takes the player, there’s guaranteed to be at least one Magikarp per zone – and all they need to show themselves is an offering of Fluffruit!

Whenever players find a Magikarp Hotspot, the fish will jump high in the air, as if delighted that someone found it and gave it a chance to show off. Players will find themselves delighted to catch a Karp in the most random of places, even including a desert oasis.

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