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New D&D Subclass Ideas For Making Sorcerers Better | Screen Rant

Sorcerers in Dungeons & Dragons gain the ability to use magic due to a magical bloodline or exposure to arcane energy. The class could use some extra ideas to broaden its scope, especially as so few D&D Sorcerer subclasses exist and those that do have similar feels.

In D&D, Wizards learn how to use spells from countless hours of study and experimentation. Warlocks gain their magical powers from a pact with an all-powerful being, which comes with its own caveats. Sorcerers, though, have the natural ability to cast spells. For many, this is due to having an ancestor from a magical race. Humans can breed with many monsters in D&D, so there are a number of different candidates for a magical ancestor.

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The Player’s Handbook only has two Sorcerous Origin options for Sorcerers. Different optional rulebooks have added others over the years, as have Unearthed Arcana articles, but their abilities feel samey. Here are a few new subclass ideas for Sorcerers in Dungeons & Dragons. 

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo Baggins was stabbed with a Morgul-knife, a piece of which broke off and started making its way to his heart. The shard was removed to prevent him from dying, but the pain from the wound remained for the rest of Frodo’s life. A Shard Sorcerer would be someone wounded by a D&D magical item in a similar way, with a piece of it remaining in their body and granting them the power of a Sorcerer’s magic. Though this piece of magical metal kills its bearer if removed, it pumps arcane energy into their body. Their close connection to magic could give them advantage on saving throw rolls against a type of magic chosen at level 1 (similar to the elemental resistance of the Draconic Bloodline), while later abilities could let them attune to additional magic items, apply Sorcery Points to spells from scrolls or magic items, and drain magic item charges for additional spell slots or Sorcery Points.

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D&D already has rules for characters with Fey ancestry, and Warlocks have access to the Archfey Pact, but the game is currently lacking an option for a Fey Bloodline Sorcerer. The denizens of the Feywild often come into contact with mortals, and many of them are described as manifestations of lust, so it would make sense for there to be magic-users with Fey blood. Fey Sorcerers could gain additional spells from the Enchantment or Illusion schools, as well as the ability to naturally alter their shape or turn invisible at later levels. Like the Dragon Wings ability of the Draconic Bloodline subclass, a Fey Sorcerer could develop massive insect wings at level 14, allowing them to take to the skies.

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Alchemy Sorcerers would gain their powers from their body being altered by one of D&D‘s magic potion. Perhaps an Alchemy Sorcerer came from a mage family and was exposed to all kinds of fumes from their alchemical lab, or they accidentally drank an experimental potion that was carelessly left within reach. Whatever the cause, the Alchemy Sorcerer’s blood was changed by the potion, allowing them to wield magic. Their powers could include being able to create temporary potions from their blood by mixing a drop of it with a vial of water. They could gain resistance to piercing or slashing damage, being able to stop their blood from flowing out of their body when wounded. Their high-level ability could mimic the dreaded Blood Boil ability used by Clan Tremere in Vampire: The Masquerade, causing an enemy’s blood to grow so hot that it makes them explode. The Dungeons & Dragons multiverse has lots of ways for a mortal to gain the powers of a Sorcerer that go beyond having a dragon in the family.

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