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Nancy Drew Couples Ranked From Worst To Best | ScreenRant

While there was some hesitance from fans when a Nancy Drew adaption was announced by The CW, the show has put a unique and paranormal spin on the book series. The characters are well fleshed out and cared for, and it’s clear that the writers are invested in each and every member of the Drew Crew.

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The same applies to the relationships in the show, and rather than stick to the original canon, Nancy Drew isn’t afraid to do what comes naturally for the onscreen version of the characters. The romances are organic and well thought out, but the chemistry between the actors causes some to outshine others.

10 George & Ryan

George and Ryan’s relationship was completely inappropriate and it was displayed as such. George was only 18 when she started sleeping with Ryan Hudson, who was married and over 15 years older than her. Ryan also turned out to be Nancy’s biological father, which put his relationship with George in perspective.

Geoge eventually stands up for herself and tells off Ryan for taking advantage of a kid who had a crush on an older guy. It was an incredible and empowering moment for George, and it helped her face the trauma she’d been suffering from.

9 Nancy & Gil

There seemed to be an added layer of jealousy when Ace warns Nancy to stay away from Gil, but he’s not wrong about Gil’s character. Although Praneet Akilla excels at the role, Gil isn’t someone to root for. He’s controlling, unpredictable, and was willing to let George die to get to the bottom of a mystery.

Nancy doesn’t seem to be emotionally invested in whatever’s going on between them, and so far, all viewers have witnessed is the sexual component of their relationship. Gil does seem like he wants something more with Nancy, but fans have their fingers crossed that it won’t ever happen.

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8 Ace & Laura

Ace and Laura’s relationship came out of nowhere. Laura was never mentioned as a part of Ace’s history until she comes to town to attend the funeral of her sister. It’s revealed that she and Ace had dated in the past, and it doesn’t take long for them to start things up again.

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Their relationship lacked chemistry and the emotional component needed for fans to get invested in. There was no buildup between them, and it came as no surprise that they didn’t work out.

7 Nancy & Nick

Both characters are great as individuals, but watching them try to make a romance work was like nails on a chalkboard. They’re completely different people who want different things, and their communication skills are painfully bad. Nancy and Nick lacked chemistry, and they had a relationship long before the pilot causing fans to miss out on the early stages.

Not only did they make each other worse, but their constant drama was detrimental to the show. The Nick/Nancy story might have been an attempt to pay respect to their romance in the Nancy Drew books, but it came to an end when their TV versions didn’t click.

6 Ace & Amanda

Ace and Amanda are the fastest moving couple in the history of Nancy Drew. Amanda even admitted that they skipped over the beginning of their relationship and jumped right into serious territory. It’s a bit puzzling as to why these characters got so wrapped up in each other, but they’re by no means the worst couple in the series.

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Ace and Amanda aren’t meant to last, and when Amanda started picking up on Ace and Nancy’s connection, it became clear that she was written as an obstacle for their potential romance.

5 Owen & Nancy

Owen and Nancy’s chemistry was off the charts, but they lack the understanding that Nancy shares with the other characters. There was a bit of an age difference between the two, and their relationship was very surface level.

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Nancy struggles with opening up to people, and Owen was no exception. Nancy used him as a way to escape the chaos in her daily life, and it was easy to see that he was more invested in her than she was in him. Nancy did care for Owen and was devasted by his death, but her heartbreak didn’t seem to last too long.

4 Bess & Odette

A romance between Bess and Odette was the last thing viewers expected to see. Not only did Odette try to kill them as the Aglaeca, but she took up residence in George’s body. However, when they went ice skating and Bess looked Odette in the eyes, she saw the real her and not George.

They fell for each other quickly and even started writing love notes for the times when George was in control of herself. Despite their obvious feelings, Bess refuses to go any further with Odette as long as she’s in George’s body. In a way, they’re star-crossed lovers.

3 George & Nick

George and Nick weren’t an item in the original Nancy Drew franchise, but that’s part of what makes them such a great pair. Sticking strictly to the books makes an adaption too predictable, and George and Nick’s relationship was one that no one saw coming.

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Nick was written as Nancy’s love interest, but he clicked much better with George from the start. Rather than forcing something that wasn’t there, the writers gave into Nick and George’s natural pull, and they became one of the best couples in the series.

2 Bess & Lisbeth

Bess and Lisbeth are beloved by the fanbase and the purest relationship in the show. The love and care they have for each other are unmatched, and there’s something about them that just works. Before Lisbeth, Bess was never able to give herself to someone fully.

But Lisbeth helped Bess grow, and together, they were able to overcome Bess’s issues. When the Aglaeca was threatening the Drew Crew’s lives, Bess broke Lisbeth’s heart to protect her. Bess hasn’t been featured on the show since, but viewers are hopeful that they’ll find their way back to each other.

1 Nancy & Ace

Nancy Drew spent so much time distracting the audience with Nick and Owen, that viewers didn’t realize Nancy’s perfect match was in front of her all along. A romance between Ace and Nancy is being built from the ground up and given the utmost care by the writers of the show. Nancy is a character that can be hard to understand, but Ace always seems to know what she’s feeling.

The friendship they’ve built throughout Seasons 1 and 2 is slowly evolving into more, and other characters have begun to take notice. Neither of them is happy about the other being in a relationship, but they don’t seem quite ready to act on whatever’s between them. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and fans love to watch a good slow burn play out.

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