Most Dangerous Foods You Didn't Know Could Kill You

15 Most Dangerous Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill You

3. Mushrooms

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Not every mushroom is created equal. Crimini mushrooms might make perfect pasta toppers, but some species contain poisons that can kill. Some kinds of mushrooms sometimes called shrooms, magic mushrooms contain psilocybin and psilocin, substances that can cause hallucinations.

The hallucinogenic mushrooms could be freshly harvested or dried. People use them as a form of drug by eating they, mixing them with food items to disguise unpleasant taste or by brewing them in a tea to drink.

Mushrooms’ effects usually start after 30-45 minutes. They can last up to six hours. The first signs generally include nausea and excessive yawni. After these initial reactions, the “trip” begins.

A trip may be mild that leaves the user feeling drowsy or relax. However, higher doses or stronger mushrooms can trigger paranoia, hallucinations, nervousness and anxiety. The person may experience an altered perception of time, place, and even reality. In excess, a high dose could result in a chronic mental health problem called psychosis.

The duration and intensity of a mushroom excursion can differ. It’s all in how strong the mushrooms are, as well as on how much they cost. What happens on a trip depends on the individual’s mood, temperament and expectations.

Some trips are enjoyable however, others can trigger frightening fears of being out of control, extreme anxiety, panic attacks and fear of death. When it comes to mushrooms, it’s difficult to know what kind of experience each person will experience. There’s no way to conclude a bad trip until it’s completed the course it was intended to, and that can be several hours after.

The physical effects of mushrooms can include:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • increased heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature
  • muscle weakness
  • drowsiness
  • lack of coordination
  • dilated pupils

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