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Marvel’s Five New Captain Americas Unite in One Powerful Cover

Marvel recently introduced several new Captain Americas and now all five are uniting in The United States of Captain America, which features Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and many new characters who have taken up the mantle of Captain America in their own communities. Now, a just-revealed variant cover is bringing the newest Captains Americas together.

The United States of Captain America launched in June, with the first issue introducing Aaron Fischer. The second issue releases on July 28 and will be the debut of the newest Cap, Nichelle Wright. There are still three Captains left to debut, however, Marvel is already sharing a look at a variant cover for the final issue coming this October – starring all five.

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On Twitter, Marvel debuted new artwork for The United States of Captain America‘s latest variant cover, illustrated by Leinil Yu. Yu has done work for both Marvel and DC in the past, with some of the titles he has worked on including Batman/Superman and Silent Dragon from DC and Shang-Chi, Heroes Reborn, and Gamma Flight for Marvel. This variant is a powerful addition to his portfolio, featuring the new Captain Americas leaping into action together as a team. Additional art spotlights each new Captain America individually. Check them all out here:

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The yet-to-officially debut Captain Americas are Joe Gomez, Arielle Agbayani, and Jeremy Merrick. Joe Gomez is a Native American from the Kickapoo tribe. Arielle Agbayani is a Filipino-American hero. Jeremy Merrick is a soldier, like the original Captain America, although he is in the Air Force instead of the Army. This is the first look at all of them together and it’s a remarkable show of unity. Each Captain America comes from a different part of the country, each with different cultural backgrounds, but each fights for liberty and the safety of their fellow citizens in their respective communities.

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Thus far, Aaron – the first gay Captain America – is the only one who has made his way to comic book pages. Called the “Defender of the Destitute” in the images above, he rides the rails on trains, protecting anyone who becomes part of his family and travels on the cars he defends. Nichelle is labeled the “Vanguard of a Brighter Future” though how she uses the mantle has yet to be revealed. Joe is the “Champion of the Overlooked,” likely fighting for the safety of the nation’s original inhabitants who have often been cast aside – forcibly.

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Arielle is “A Bully’s Worst Nightmare” and based on this description defends her young peers against bullies who would harm them. Jeremy is “Protector of Soldiers,” and his representing a different branch of the armed forces brings a new viewpoint to Steve Rogers’ original legacy as a soldier himself. The next generation of Marvel’s Captain Americas is here and they embody the diverse country they call home, all working in unity to make it safer for everyone.

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