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Manifest: The 10 Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Manifest delivers on its promise of combining plenty of intrigue with supernatural elements as well as everyday issues as the passengers of Flight 828 attempt to reintegrate back into “regular” life while dealing with their newfound abilities and visions. The cast of main characters is pretty diverse, ranging from the accountant-turned-pseudo investigator Ben to the resurrected-by-miracle Zeke and the practical and strong Grace.

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Arguably the characters who were most likable in season one aren’t the same ones that are likable by season three. Meanwhile, some have just gotten better. With that said, there’s no one among the main cast that is particularly unlikable. But some are more likable than others.

10 Ben Stone

While there is nothing inherently wrong with Ben and he does whatever necessary to save his family, there’s just something about the character that some find irritating. He has taken it upon himself to become the leader of The Returned, which is fine since someone has to take the reins, after all.

But he is constantly frantic and preoccupied, overly controlling about situations, and has a God complex.

9 Jared Vasquez

Jared started out seeming like the perfect man who was left to grieve the loss of his fiancé. But things took a turn when he found himself in a tough position, having married her best friend only for Michaela to magically return five years later.

He went deep undercover, convincing even viewers that he had gone to the dark side. It turned out Jared was secretly working to help Michaela and the rest of The Returned all along. Still, his behavior during that time put a bad taste in viewers’ mouths that will take time to dissipate.

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8 Zeke London

Initially, Zeke seemed to be the guy who was getting in the way of Michaela being with her true love, Jared. But it became clear after some time that Michaela and Jared had grown apart during those lost five years.

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Now married, it’s clear that Zeke is the perfect match for Michaela. The fact that he moved into her best friend’s mother’s house to help with her dementia without hesitation shows the kind of guy he is. With that said, there’s still a sinking feeling that something will go wrong with him. He seems far too perfect so fans aren’t quite as trusting of him just yet.

7 Saanvi Bahl

Saanvi is always operating on the speed of 11, frantically trying to figure things out and bury her head in her research. And now, her focus in that respect is to find out what happened to her and the others in an effort to prevent her Death Date.

While her work ethic is admirable, and she is easily the most intelligent of all the main cast members, sometimes, as her friends and colleagues tell her, she just needs to relax.

6 Cal Stone

The fact that Cal had cancer and miraculously survived and was cured puts him near the top of the list as it is. But there was something off about him in the first season, which made him one of the worst characters. However, as Cal aged, he seems to have come to terms more with his strange visions and embraces rather than fears them. His strength and calmness in the face of bad things he often knows are coming is admirable.

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It’s suggested that Cal is at the center of the story in some way. His interactions with his now older twin sister are cute, especially given their unexpected five-year age difference. And he is always there to provide guidance and help, sometimes even being the only voice of reason.

5 Grace Stone

Given everything she has been through, Grace has shown tremendous strength and resilience. She not only dealt with the backlash of being part of a family of The Returned. She also made the difficult decision to end a great relationship with Danny when her husband returned. She dealt with all the emotions of being a single mother to a moody teenage girl and being reunited with her son after a five-year absence.

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She takes everything in stride, never losing her temper and always knowing the right thing to do or the right thing to say. She is the perfect person for Ben to have in his corner.

4 Olive Stone

Olive was a moody and angry teenager in the beginning who tried to rebel against her mother. She had to deal with a lot when not only her father returned after five years, but also her twin brother.

She has grown the most of all the characters on the series and has become a very likeable young adult. Rather than feel like she doesn’t belong because she doesn’t have visions like her brother and father, she has fully embraced the idea of teenage supernatural drama and is doing what she can to save her family.

3 Drea Mikami

Drea became Michaela’s new partner once Jared was promoted and they instantly clicked. She has an easygoing way about her where she inquires about situations in order to get more information but never oversteps her bounds.

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She is reliable, funny, and a good friend to both Michaela and Jared. She is the type of friend that’s worth having in times of need, as she would literally take a bullet for someone she cared about.

2 NSA Director Vance

Fans were outraged when they thought NSA Director Vance had died until discovering that he faked his death and went into hiding in order to try and uncover the truth about Flight 828. There’s something so endearing about him, especially since he was initially portrayed as a potential enemy only to prove himself to be completely on their side.

He has the knowledge and authority to get things done yet still cares deeply about the people when it really comes down to it.

1 Michaela Stone

Michaela has had so many ups and downs, from dealing with the guilt of losing her best friend in a drunk driving accident to losing then gaining and losing again her fiancé, falling for Zeke only to learn he was an addict, almost losing her nephew, and almost losing Zeke.

There’s something likable and relatable about her. She is sweet and kind yet fierce and strong. She had to completely re-start her life in a new world without her parents or fiancé while also dealing with the fact that she doesn’t even know if she will survive long enough to make it matter.

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