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Hunter X Hunter: 10 Most Heartfelt Friendships | ScreenRant

Friends are there in the worst of times and in the best of times, they enable your worst behaviors and your best habits. Indescribable yet indispensable.

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If nothing else, anime teaches so much about the power and value of friends. Neither the hero nor the villain ever achieves their ambitions without their confidants. It’s the friendships that push our favorite characters that make the series all the more enjoyable. These are the most heartfelt friendships from Hunter x Hunter.

10 Killua Zoldyck and Alluka Zoldyck

Who said siblings can’t be friends? Alluka is possessed by a mysterious creature with supernatural abilities known as Nanika which causes the Zoldyck family to shelter the uncontrollable pair often leaving Alluka imprisoned in her room. The Zoldyck parents even refer to Alluka as an emotionless child without a soul.

However, whenever Killua is reunited with Alluka, there is no monster or demonic possession. Killua brings out an affectionate and lovable younger sister who no one else seems able to reach. Furthermore, it is clear Killua loves and admires both Alluka and Nanika and takes on the responsibility of their protection, primarily from other members of the Zoldyck family.

9 Pakunoda and Phantom Troupe

What’s the biggest sacrifice one can make for a friend? Ask Pakunoda. In the Yorknew City arc, Kurapika uses his Judgment Chain to create death binding vows with both Chrollo and Pakunoda. This prevents Pakunoda from sharing any information about Kurapika to other members of the Phantom Troupe, who are on the hunt for the mysterious “chain user”.

Frustrated with Pakunoda, the members of the Troupe begin to question her loyalties to Chrollo. In spite of the Judgement Chain, Pakunoda uses her nen ability to implant her memories and feelings into six Troupe members, which immediately kills her on impact. It was more important for Pakunoda to protect Chrollo and the future of the Troupe than to preserve her own life.

8 Zeno Zoldyck and Isaac Netero

Zeno and Netero emulate this classic Bad Boys energy. Upon the birth of the Chimera Ant King Meruem, Netero is informed that he would most likely be killed by Meruem and yet excitedly endeavors to challenge the King. Of course, every strong hero needs a strong friend. Netero requests that Zeno join him in his fight to kill Meruem and the two invade the palace using Zeno’s Dragon Dive technique.

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Upon meeting Meruem, both Netero and Zeno are overwhelmed by his aura and realize they have no chance of winning and Netero communicates to Zeno that he should not intervene. It takes a special friend to accompany you on a suicide mission – there isn’t enough money that could pay even an assassin like Zeno for that.

7 Hisoka Morow and Chrollo Lucilfer

Hisoka and Chrollo are friends who were predestined to murder each other. Realizing the sheer might and potential of Chrollo, Hisoka endeavors for several years to kill Chrollo even joining the Phantom Troupe to further this ambition. Chrollo expressed admiration to Hisoka for this unrelenting willingness to fight Chrollo in spite of his abilities.

After much anticipation, Hisoka gets his 1:on:1 challenge moment against Chrollo after Chrollo is exchanged for Gon and Killua. However, Chrollo is unable to use nen due to Kurapika’s Judgement Chain. In a change of pace, Hisoka spares Chrollo because he would only want to kill him at full strength. While these two aren’t your stereotypical definition of friends, they hold a strange and unwavering place in each other’s hearts until death do them apart.

6 Feitan Portor and Phinks Magcub

Feitan and Phinks seem to be two inseparable members of the Phantom Troupe. The two are often partnered together on Troupe missions and compete to see who can attain more kills. Across the series’ arcs, the two are challenging each other and making light of otherwise villainous activities.

After Chrollo is abducted, it is Feitan and Phinks who initially intend to pursue the kidnappers and confront the other Troupe members for their inaction. Although outnumbered, they are prepared to go against Pakunoda, Machi, and Kortopi in the name of their leader. Feitan and Phinks communicate even without words and are often on the same wavelength ready to fight for and with one another.

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5 Gon Freecss and Kite

Throughout their various run-ins on Gon’s ultimate search for Ging, Kite becomes like a mentor and father figure to Gon. During their travels into the Neo-Green Life (NGL) Autonomous State, Kite sacrifices himself so that Gon and Killua can survive.

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Gon’s hatred toward Pitou and self anguish of his own inability is so strong that Gon trains relentlessly to rescue Kite. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most capable of friends fail and upon the realization of Kite’s death, Gon exchanges his life energy for vengeance and kills Pitou. Even after the confirmation of Kite’s death, Gon apologies for being too weak to Ging and then to the reincarnated Kite. He struggles to forgive himself for the death of Kite.

4 Meruem and Chimera Ants’ Royal Guards

The Chimera Ants, particularly the Royal Guard, are arguably some of the most devoted characters in the entire series. They possess an undying and unshakable loyalty to Meruem even to the sacrifice of their own lives.

Neferpitou (Pitou) literally sacrifices her life to stop Gon who it is believed was likely one of few characters who could have opposed the King. Shaiapouf (Pouf) and Menthuthuyoupi (Youpi) battle the hunters who have infiltrated the Chimera Ant palace and also revive Mereum after Netero’s Poor Man’s Rose attack. Committed to the end, all three Royal Guards die alone yet fulfilled knowing that they have given their lives for Meruem.

3 Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck and Leorio Paradinight and Kurapika

Kurapika, Leorio, Killua, and Gon are your conventional friend group that makes every other group jealous. From the very beginning in the Hunter Exam arc, in spite of having just met the quartet raise hell and high water to protect and advance one another through the phases of the exams to support their respective Hunter ambitions.

Even after the Hunter exams end, Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon travel to the Zoldyck Estate to save Killua even though the Zoldycks are renowned assassins. The gang eventually continues their adventures encountering all sorts of villains and remaining committed to protecting one another. Saving each other from each other and also the villainous forces that be – never forget these day ones.

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2 Meruem and Komugi

Meruem and Komugi reflect the friendship that changes (or reveals) the essence of the soul. In spite of being different species and the immense power imbalance, the two kindred spirits find something irreplaceable in one another. Komugi finds a protector and someone who wants to – needs to – be by her side through and through.

Meruem discovers a pure love, not one of servitude as with his Chimera Ants. Although difficult to ease into, he learns vulnerability and kindness, and that strength manifests in different forms. It is no surprise that the two decide to spend their dying moments together over a game of gungi – that which initially brought them together.

1 Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck

Where would we be without the friends who protect us from ourselves? In the end (whenever that is) Hunter x Hunter may just be a story of two friends – Gon and Killua – on a quest to become the best versions of themselves.  Gon helps transform Killua from the cold, calculated assassin to a kind-hearted and thoughtful friend who trusts others. He teaches Killua how to forgive himself and walk his own path. Killua’s friendship with Gon leads him to leave the assassin’s life even though he was named as the Zoldyck heir.

In turn, Killua has pretty much kept Gon alive and been his training partner the entire series. Gon’s stubbornness and battle-ready impulse often lead the duo into life-threatening situations from Hisoka’s advances to the Phantom Troupe to the Chimera Ants through which Killua miraculously saves the day. From Gon saving Killua after his attempted suicide to Killua using Nanika to revive Gon’s body, their lives are literally indebted to one another.

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