April 10, 2024
Full Scholarships for International Students in UK

Pursuing a degree in the UK will help you invest in your future. A top-quality education from the UK can be a valuable and transformative experience that will elevate your educational experience and job-seeking abilities.

There are various ways to fund international students who want to attend a UK university. These range from partial funding by paying a part of your tuition fees, or full-funding, which covers the cost of your program and living expenses and flight tickets back and forth to the UK.

Apply for fully-funded scholarships and realize your dreams of attending world-class universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, University of Stirling, University of Bristol, University of London, Westminster University, and more.

1. Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships is a fully funded scholarship open to students from all over the world. The scholarship is for undergraduate studies. The scholarship covers the total costs of tuition and mandatory fees, as well as the cost of room and board.

The Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholars Program is an award for merit that recognizes the top and brightest students interested in the possibility of a transformational learning experience at Simmons University.

It is the highest-value prize offered at Simmons. It recognizes the highest level of excellence of students focused on studying abroad, scholarly research, and intellectual curiosity.

The Kotzen Scholarship offers all tuition, room and board, and an additional $3000 for academic pursuits, such as studying abroad, research assistance, and much more. This scholarship is given to students for four years of full-time undergraduate studies and replaces any previous merit-based scholarship.

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2. Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships is a fully funded masters scholarship open to students from all over the world. These scholarships allow outstanding young leaders from across the globe to study for one-year master’s programs within the UK. While there isn’t a ‘typical Chevening Scholar, they seek the type of individuals with the drive, vision, and influence to deliver the leadership and solutions required to build a better future.

Since these scholarships are fully funded (flights, as well as accommodation and tuition fees are included), you can focus on meeting your professional goals while enjoying the enjoyment of your life. You will reside and learn within the UK for one year, over which you will improve your academic and professional skills and network extensively, get to know UK cultural traditions, and develop lasting relationships with the UK. When you have completed your studies, you’ll depart the UK with the skills and connections necessary to bring your unique ideas to the world of.


3. GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship

GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarships are scholarships available for international students. Being an exclusively GEMS Education UniConnect Partner, the University of Stirling collaborates with GEMS institutions in Egypt, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

They love welcoming students from around the world at their University of Stirling, and their GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship offers qualified students the opportunity to receive a yearly payment of just £2,000 (£8,000 over the course of four years) to pay annual fees.

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If you’re eligible to receive this award, your annual fee payments will be reduced automatically by £2,000.


4. Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships

The Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships, established in 2014, provides up to six full scholarships that cover both Master’s and MBA degrees. MBA degrees. Students can take any one of the 1+1 MBA partner programs and combine it with their MBA.

The recipients are extraordinary individuals who demonstrate the capacity and dedication to finding sustainable and scalable solutions to global social issues.

You can benefit from various opportunities on the course, like attending prestigious conferences or termly events, as well as activities for the scholar community, spring “treks” to New York hosted by the Pershing Square Foundation, and mentorship opportunities.

You must complete a request for each course and upload your scholarship essay in the section ‘Funding’ on the 1+1 MBA application before the deadline for consideration.


5. Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is an institution for more advanced study of Islam and its Muslim world. The Centre is a gathering point for the Western and Islamic worlds of knowledge. The Oxford Centre established the scholarships for Islamic Studies to enable students to pursue studies that will benefit people in the Muslim world.

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At Oxford, it is a significant contributor to cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research in its study of the Islamic world. Beyond Oxford, its role is enhanced through an international network of academic contacts.

The scholarship will pay the entire tuition cost and a grant to cover expenses for a living (at least £17,668). The awards are given to cover the time period you are liable for fees for the course you have agreed to attend. Awards are offered together with other sources of funding. However, this is considered in determining the worth of the awards.


Why should you Study in the UK?

  • Career opportunities and employment prospects that are promising.
  • Take advantage of the geographical diversity and stay in the UK after graduating.
  • Internationally acknowledged academic excellence and the quality of teaching.
  • Get a world-class lifetime-long degree to assist you in your preparation and success in your professional career.
  • Experience a higher education level at institutions consistently ranked as the top in the world.
  • Post-study job opportunities are now available via the new Graduate Route.
  • Select short and flexible courses designed to help you complete your studies as fast as possible.
  • Get access to world-class research at our universities, which remain globally recognized for their dedication to research.
  • Experience an unforgettable, memorable student experience unlike any other in the nation, and meet new friends to last a lifetime.
  • Make yourself the best you can be, which is made possible by the UK.