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Every Marvel Hero & Villain Thor 4’s Zeus Can Set Up In The MCU

Russell Crowe’s Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder can lead to a whole slew of new heroes and villains in the MCU. It was recently revealed by the actor himself that the head of the Greek pantheon of gods will be making his first (and perhaps only) MCU appearance in Thor’s next solo outing.

Though there are no official details on his role, it’s likely Zeus’ presence will be related to Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. In the comics, Gorr has a reputation for traveling around the universe in an effort to purge it of all the gods. Since Thor: Ragnarok decimated the Asgardians, there aren’t many of them left for the MCU’s Gorr to kill, so it makes sense for Marvel to pull in gods from other pantheons. So far, only the Norse gods have been represented, but just like it is with the comics, the MCU could be populated with deities from several different cultures. By utilizing Zeus and the gods of Olympus, Marvel can provide Gorr with a powerful target.

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Unless Gorr somehow kills all the Greek gods, Marvel will have created a new corner of the MCU for future movies and shows to lean into going forward. Regardless of whether or not it has plans for Zeus beyond Thor: Love and Thunder, the door will be open for all sorts of new characters to appear at any time. Many of them, like Apollo, Athena, and Poseidon could become supporting characters while others could receive much bigger roles. Here’s every superhero and villain set up by Zeus’ debut in Thor 4.

Perhaps the most important thing about Russell Crowe playing Zeus is it means Marvel may finally be ready to introduce the MCU’s Hercules. At this point, the Prince of Power is without question the most important Avenger still missing from the MCU, but that could change as early as Thor 4. Once he shows up, he’d be a perfect candidate for his own Disney+ show, a spot on the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for The Avengers 5, or both. As one of the strongest heroes in Marvel Comics, he’d bring a lot of muscle to the team. Plus, his lazy and boastful personality would make him a fun addition.

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If Marvel dives into Hercules in Thor 4 or later, there’s a good chance Ares won’t be far behind him. The B-list villain, who has long hated Hercules, has tried many times to kill his half-brother and conquer Olympus. As Hercules’ archenemy, he’d be a good choice for the main antagonist of any project involving the Lion of Olympus. Alternatively, Ares could work as a villain or an anti-hero without Hercules’ presence. The MCU could potentially draw inspiration from his comic book counterpart’s role in modern comics if and when it builds the Dark Avengers (which it may be doing with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Val and U.S. Agent). Ares’ inclusion would add a tremendous amount of power to the team and a member who could be seen as their answer to Thor.

Often utilized as a minion of Zeus, the Huntsman is a skilled warrior and an expert tracker who wields a powerful staff. The tasks given to him by Zeus have caused the character to clash with Hercules, the Avengers, the original Champions, Wolverine, and more. His ruthlessness when it comes to hunting his prey makes him come off as sort of a super-powered Kraven the Hunter. A character like the Huntsman could work as a formidable, secondary villain.

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Typhon made his first appearance in The Avengers #49 as a foe of Hercules looking to take revenge on Olympus for banishing him. He has since made numerous attempts to strike back at Hercules and the gods. As for what the MCU might do with him, there’s a chance he could be utilized as an opponent of Thor or Hercules. In Green mythology, he was a monstrous creature who battled Zeus, whereas the comic book character is depicted as a humanoid figure and an incredibly powerful warrior.

Hippolyta doesn’t just exist in DC’s Wonder Woman stories. Marvel has their own version, who went by the name “Warrior Woman” in the 2010s. She started out as a minor villain of Hercules and the Champions but evolved into a superhero years later when she was convinced by She-Hulk to join her all-female Defenders team. If Marvel were to bring in Hippolyta, the Amazon queen would give them access to one more female warrior, and a potential recruit for future MCU teams.

Venus (or Aphrodite) was a beautiful siren who possessed the ability to mentally control others. At some point in her life, she took the place of the real Aphrodite and masqueraded as her for years. Over the course of her adventures, she has crossed paths with Namor the Sub-Mariner, Hercules, and the Champions. She also served as a member of Jimmy Woo’s team of misfit superheroes, the Agents of Atlas. It’s not clear if Marvel has any interest in building toward that team in the MCU, but if that is on the table, she’d already be set up thanks to the introduction of the Olympians in Thor 4.

A second Olympian who might pop up in Thor 4 is Zeus’ wife, Hera. She could be by his side in whichever scenes he appears in. If she survives Gorr the God Butcher’s killing spree, she could return as a major villain of Hercules. Similar to the figure in the myths, Hera is a conniving schemer who shares a deep hatred for her step-son. She has always been hard at work at ruining Hercules’ life, and could be up to the same thing in the MCU’s future.

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Pluto, Marvel’s version of Hades, is the god of the underworld and the Olympian equivalent of Thor: Ragnarok’s Hela. His disputes with the other gods of the Marvel Universe have thrust him into conflicts with a handful of Earth’s heroes, including Thor, Hercules, and the Hulk. The character has appeared in dozens of stories dating all the way back to Thor #127 in 1966. Since he lives in Hades (which could be a new dimension in the MCU), it could be that he won’t be around if Gorr comes to Olympus and kills Zeus. If that’s the case, he could easily take over the home of the Greek gods in Zeus’ absence and emerge as a threat to Thor, Hercules, or the Avengers in a later movie.

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