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Does Resident Evil Village Have A New Game Plus Mode

Story-based games like Resident Evil Village are often wrapped and done after the big finale. The story is generally the main attraction, and even when gameplay might lend itself to a repeat visit, developers don’t always have the resources to make it happen. Thankfully for Resident Evil diehards, Resident Evil Village does in fact have a form of “new game plus” mode that changes up the experience.

It should be said up front that this feature is different from Mercenaries, a mode that first appeared in RE3: Nemesis for the original PlayStation. Though it also has to be unlocked by completing the main game, Resident Evil Village‘s Mercenaries is an arcade-like, action-heavy experience. The goal is to clear all enemies in a given area within a time limit, picking up bonuses like extra damage or faster movement. Between rounds, players will be able to buy persistent weapon upgrades that improve the odds of survival.

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The new game plus mode in Resident Evil Village is similar to some past titles, in that on a second playthrough players can load their cleared save file and choose a new difficulty level. Options this time include Casual, Normal, Hardcore, and Village of Shadows, the last of which is normally available only after the first run. The exception is with the Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition, which includes other perks like a “Save Device,” the “Albert01 Chris” pistol, and a found footage filter mimicking Resident Evil 7. Village of Shadows is bound to be harrowing for most players – so it should probably be reserved for second or third runs regardless.

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The reason Resident Evil Village’s new game plus should be experienced on a higher difficulty setting is that repeat playthroughs let players carry over all their endgame weapons, money, and upgrades, plus any other items excluding keys. This should make early combat experiences a (relative) breeze, which is of course part of the point of Resident Evil Village‘s new game plus mode – getting to the “good” stuff faster. Challenge and suspense are more important to an initial playthrough, especially in the context of a horror game.

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Resident Evil Village ships on May 7. The game has been one of the most anticipated of 2021, owing partly to multiple, timed demo releases and the viral popularity of one of its villains, Lady Dimitrescu. With reviews for Resident Evil Village out now, it’s only a short time before excited fans will be playing (and replaying) Capcom’s latest entry.

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