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90 Day Fiance: Fans Say Producers Pushed Danielle To Overshare On Date

Danielle Jbali finally got a second date on 90 Day: The Single Life, but when she started revealing intimate and embarrassing details about herself, fans speculated that producers put her up to it. Throughout her time on the franchise, Danielle has seen some hard times, especially with her ex-husband Mohamed. On The Single Life, she’s been attempting to find new love, but viewers think she’s being manipulated by the show’s producers, and it’s hard to watch.

Though she’s actively dating and ready to move forward on The Single Life, Danielle still carries a lot of baggage from her last marriage. In season 2, Danielle and Mohamed’s relationship quickly fell apart after Mohamed came to the U.S. During the Tell-All episode, viewers got even more insight into how Mohamed hurt Danielle. During their marriage, he told her that no man would want to have sex with her because of her alleged bad odors and incontinence. 

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Now that the couple is finally divorced, viewers have been following her dating journey on The Single Life. In a recent episode, Danielle went on a second date with a new man named Robert. The pair went axe throwing and seemed to be having a great time until the conversation turned to past relationships. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, but in the preview for next week, Danielle tells Robert about the hurtful and embarrassing things Mohamed said to her, and fans don’t think it was her idea to tell him.

Many fans have suspected that Danielle is somewhat intellectually challenged and feel that the show is taking advantage of her. In the previews, Danielle is seen crying and speaking with a producer. Fans think production planted the idea in her head that she has to reveal the worst parts of her past on her second date. They call the move “a new low,” and dragged the show for taking advantage of Danielle. Producers may have thought this would result in a more dramatic storyline, but really it just felt awkward and uncomfortable for Danielle, her date, and viewers.

Danielle has made several questionable moves on 90 Day: The Single Life, and they might not have all been her idea. It’s not uncommon for reality TV producers to be manipulative of their shows’ subjects. But when they’re taking advantage of individuals who are impaired, under stress, or of lower intelligence, it’s no longer enjoyable to watch. It’s uncomfortable to see Danielle spill such intimate details so early on when dating someone new, but hopefully her date Robert isn’t scared off, because he might just be her perfect match.

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Source: Reddit

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