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10 Iconic Disney Characters & Their Star Wars Alignment

Everyone has an alignment or faction within their favorite fandom. It might be a Hogwarts house, a moral direction in Dungeons and Dragons, or a cabin at Camp Halfblood. But if one were to look at Star Wars, one of the original huge franchises, the question is would you be on the light side or dark side of the Force?

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There’s the light for the Rebels/Jedi, Dark for the Sith/Empire, or even Grey for the mysterious neutral Force-users. Fans have been applying alignments and the like to their favorite fictional characters and universes for years, and since the House of Mouse already owns the franchise, why not apply it to their own cast of characters?

10 Simba (Light Side)

Although he might be reluctant to take up arms against the Empire or First Order at first, blame that Hakuna Matata lifestyle he found on Kashyyk, Simba would happily join the light side to protect his kingdom. In fact, the strength of a Rancor and the heart of a lion would greatly serve any resistance.

He might not be a Jedi or other force user, but he has proven to be a great leader. Working alongside General Leia or leading the charge through the forests of Endor wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

9 Peter Pan (Dark Side)

He might be one of Disney’s most iconic heroes, but to say Peter Pan is 100 percent good would be a hard fact to sell. His appetite for mischief and roguish ways wouldn’t exactly win him any points for the Light Side, and cutting off a guy’s limb certainly sounds like a Sith move.

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He can fly, he never grows old, and his motives are completely self-motivated. These are all attributes that would greatly benefit a Sith warrior. Perhaps he’s been dabbling in some unnatural rituals?

8 The Genie (Neutral)

The Genie is possibly one of the most powerful entities in the Disney universe, but thankfully he’s one of the good guys. Putting him in the Star Wars universe, however, might be a bit more of a challenge.

Despite his comical and manic demeanor, the Genie might be a creature composed entirely of Force energy, neither light nor dark. His motives are entirely his own, but it would be pretty hard to see him commit any negative or harmful actions. Simply put, he lives by the will of the Force.

7 Nick Wilde (Light Side or Neutral)

Nick doesn’t exactly have the cleanest record in the galaxy, but he would make one of the best smugglers in the universe. With his sly nature and quick thinking, he could easily outfox the famous Han Solo if he truly had to.

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His piloting skills might need further investigation, but if there’s one guy who can talk his way out of a confrontation with Kanjaklub or Jabba the Hutt, it’s none other than Slick Nick himself. And they said Kenobi was the great negotiator.

6 Olaf (Light Side)

There’s no other place Olaf could fall into. He’s too wide-eyed and innocent to be anything other than the lightest of the light side. The Sith don’t exactly have a reputation for warm hugs. The hard part is figuring out just where he’d fit in.

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He might make a great companion to the heroes or an ambassador from Hoth given his snowman status. No matter what he might be, his position as one of Disney’s most popular sidekicks would have to remain intact.

5 Stitch (Dark Side)

Stitch would make one of the best Gray Jedi, but he might have more fun as a Sith Lord on the dark side of the Force. He does have more than a destructive temperament, and his vicious side would be a great addition to add to the Empire or First Order.

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Whether he’s a powerful Sith or a resourceful and indestructible bounty hunter, Stitch’s troublemaking nature might make it difficult to fit in anywhere else. It’s a big galaxy, it would be impossible for him not to feel right at home.

4 Winnie The Pooh (Light Side)

Although he would never raise a paw against anyone, let alone a lightsaber, Pooh would make one of the most beloved and respected Jedi Masters on the council. His easy-going attitude and unconventional wisdom make him the perfect candidate for a master who is completely one with the Force.

Seeing him in a set of oversized robes and comfortably snuggled into one of the rounded chairs on Coruscant is an absolutely adorable and perfect image for a Pooh scenario outside of The Hundred Acre Wood.

3 Donald Duck (Dark Side)

Anger is one of the steps on the way to the Dark Side, and if there’s one Disney character that has an explosive temper that would make Kylo Ren blush with shame, it’s Donald Duck. Whether he’s a Sith Lord or an Imperial enforcer, Donald’s fits of rage are a force to be reckoned with.

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He might not be a Disney villain, but it’s hard to imagine someone with Donald Duck’s record on the light side. The heat from his tantrums alone could power the Death Star.

2 Goofy (Light Side)

As much as Goofy trips over himself on a regular basis, it’s hard not to see him in the role of the galaxy’s favorite Gungan goofball. That being said, even Jar-Jar made general.

Watching Goofy take out a fleet of Battle Droids with a blaster unwittingly attached to his leg wouldn’t be too far-fetched. There’s no way George Lucas didn’t take at least some influence from the dippy dog when creating Naboo’s amphibious funnyman.

1 Mickey Mouse (Light Side)

Mickey would be one of the shining heroes of the rebellion or the resistance. He might be a little too emotional to be a true Jedi Master, like Luke Skywalker, but he’d certainly be up there with Poe Dameron or Wedge Antilles, among other brave heroes of the light side.

The mouse might be everyone’s favorite, but he isn’t exactly the most complex member of the gang. However, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have a distinguished position on the winning team. He could easily stand tall amongst the legendary heroes of the galaxy.

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